Tying the Knot

At the end of March, the Perth White Pointers sealed a deal with the Phantoms Water Polo Club to help in the establishment of the team.

The Phantoms began in 1987 with a single men’s team formed by an enthusiastic group of former players wanting to keep fit and enjoy playing this fantastic team sport once more.

The club now boasts 15 senior league teams participating in almost every grade in the State League competition including both men and women.

The future of Phantoms Water Polo Club will be reflected in the success of our juniors and high performance players as well as the stable club structure our social players provide. We have built an environment where players of all ages and abilities can be the best they can, by providing great coaching and a culture that reflects strong family values.

Phantoms Water Polo Club enjoys an enviable reputation as a club that makes everyone welcome and values participation and enjoyment as much as winning. We are an inclusive club that has a place for anyone interested in being part of water polo.