Honour Board


Brendon Entrekin

2nd President (December 2017- present)

Brendon has been with the Perth White Pointers, since it’s inception back in 2016.

Brendon took over as president from Gary in December of 2017, and has been the driving force behind the White Pointers inaugural summer social league, working closely with  the Phantoms to deliver a fantastic tournament for all players involved.

His dedication to the development of the team, and continuing work with the Phantoms has helped push the Perth White Pointers to new levels, not seen before.

Gary Namestnik

Founder and 1st President (December 2016 – December 2017)

Gary has been the foundation for getting the concept of an LGBTI+ inclusive water polo team happening in Perth. He has worked closely with other clubs in and around Perth for several years prior, and thought it was the right time to get something going.

Gary helped push for the team’s development, starting with managing the teams membership base, getting everyones skills up, working with the coaches, working to team up with the Phantoms Water Polo club, as well as helping facilitate taking the Perth White Pointers to their first ever interclub match at the Pride Challenge in 2017.

Gary’s next phase has been helping Brendon develop the team, by helping get a team together for the Paris Gay Games in 2018, as well as working on a pride challenge tournament for early 2019.




Katie got involved in the Perth White Pointers early on in the teams development.

Whether it’s rain or shine, she has been providing coaching, training and support for the team.

The Perth White Pointers owe a lot to Katie and all the work she’s put into the team.


Sean first got in contact with the Perth White Pointers during the first few months they were getting established.

Being the president of the Phantoms Water Polo Club meant he had access to a wealth of knowledge about the sport of water polo in WA as well as access to pool venues, equipment and coaches.

Sean provided pool space, equipment as well as coaching the Perth White Pointers


Georgina was the Perth White Pointers first coach and was the first person to show all the newly signed up members about how to play water polo.

Georgina provided training a couple times a week for the first 3 to 4 months of our team starting up, without Georgina’s ongoing support and generosity, the Perth White Pointers team may never have gotten to where it is now



We would also like to thank the hard work and efforts of our committee.

There are plenty more people the Perth White Pointers would like to thank for their countless hours behind the scene, without your support our club would never of happened.